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Whether you are looking for caravans for sale in northumberland, or the best camping sites in the Lake District, there are several ways to experience the British countryside. Britain may be a small country, but it boasts more variety of scenery than almost any other country in the world, varying from the flat Norfolk Broads, to the spectacular mountains of North Wales and the rugged Cornish coast.

Caravan Holidays

For many holidaymakers, a caravan holiday is the best way to experience the British countryside, and an estimated 2 million people go caravanning regularly in the UK. Staying in a caravan offers the comforts and amenities of home, while keeping some of the elements and appeal of camping. Today's caravans vary from those with a basic kitchen and a couple of fold out beds, to more sophisticated vehicles which can sleep 6 or 8 people in comfort. Static caravans can be found all over the UK, and many sites offer amenities such as a bar, restaurant, shop and swimming pool. Caravan rentals are fairly affordable, although if you enjoy caravanning, you may want to invest in your own and it can pay for itself in a few years.

It is not unusual on a caravan holiday to leave your caravan and car unattended for many hours at a time. Considering how weveryone else around you is a stranger, it is hard to identify who is the owner and who is a potential theif. Luxury caravans with modern luxuries are a real target for theft and certain precautions will be taken by the manufacturer. If you are looking for something more secure, or even just an extra security measure to deter theives, you may consider buying a van lock.

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Camping Holidays

Despite the unreliable British weather, over a million people still go camping every year in the UK. Part of the appeal is the low cost, and for a family on a budget, it can be a significant savings over the cost of a bed and breakfast or a hotel. Of course, that isn't the only appeal of camping, and many people will tell you that it is the idea of getting back to nature that appeals, or of spending time relaxing without a television, phone or computer. Campsites can be found all over the UK and facilities vary widely you can even camp on the beach in some areas of the country, and all of the UK's National Parks offer tent camping. Many outdoor types combine camping with walking or hiking, for the ultimate outdoor experience.
Self Catering and Bed and Breakfasts

However, if you want to keep all the comforts of home and still be somewhere in the heart of the countryside, a bed and breakfast or self catering may be the answer. Again, cost is a big appeal, and self catering is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, especially for families and groups. Many bed and breakfasts are located off the beaten track, yet within easy reach of the nearest town or village, and this sense of isolation and relaxation appeals to many. At the same time, you have protection from bad weather, and a lot more space than the typical caravan offers. Many self catering units are in older cottages or period homes some are in castles, converted barns or farmhouses, and even lighthouses. There is no doubt that most bed and breakfasts offer a lot more character and personality than the typical hotel for many holidaymakers, they offer the chance to live as a local rather than as a tourist.